Digitalizing the construction industry

Connected. Reliable. Easy.


Our vision is to connect all the stakeholders of the construction industry. From suppliers to home owners, through distributors and professionals. 


We want to make construction  industry more reliable and  improve its supply chain processes.  


We stay independent. We believe that everything is possible. The end doesn’t justify the means. 

¿What do we do?


Connecting home owners with professionals

From 2012, we have helped +200.000 home owners

We give home owners their works’ price immediately through our online calculators and we connect them with up to 4 rated professionals.


Budgets and payments management

From september 2018, we have generated +100M € in budgets

We simplify the budgets’ creation, management, acceptation and payment with anti-fraud guarantee for three parties: home owners, distributors and professionals.

¿Who do we help?


We give suppliers products’ traceability.


We improve distributors customers’ engagament to their ecommerces.


We help professionals to improve the professionalism and efficiency of their business.

Home Owners

We help home owners manage the construction works planning in a save, easy and funny way.

About us

Plan Reforma was founded by a famale architect in 2012 in the mediterranean city of Barcelona. Since then we have managed more than 7 billion € in construction works.

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