Digitalizing residencial construction works' management from beginning to end

All-in-one soluction for small constractors, suppliers and distributors of home renovation and residential construction

Connect. Trace. Measure.

What we do

Since 2012, we offer digital connected applications that give value to all the stakeholders of a residential construction work, obtaining digital traceability from planning to execution.


  • An intelligent ALGORITHM  that generates comprehensive budgets with quantities and the shopping cart online and inmmediately.
  • MARKETPLACE that generates demands connected to…
  • STIMAT, our online estimating software and sales tool.

Both of them can be used as white label.  


If everyone says its impossible, its impossible for them, not for us, but the end does not justify the means.


Connect the distribution channel, improving their processes.

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Make residential construction industry more efficient, agile and friendly.

Helping residential construction's stakeholders


  • Demand generation (home owners and pros)
  • To know advertising’s ROI 


  • Generate demand (pros)
  • Send Offers to current customers in the appropiate moment
  • Increase customer’s loyalty

Purchasing centers

  • Take advantage of the corporte image
  • Send demand through a MARKETPLACE for their affiliates, with sales traceability


  • Demand generation (pros)
  • Generate comprehensive shopping cart automatically


  • Get new customers
  • Increase conversion rate from potential customers to real ones.
  • Make elegant estimates faster

Home Owners

  • Find pros
  • Get reliable online estimations inmediately
  • Download or buy the shopping cart for a DIY renovation

Our technology and solution

Oursolutions can be used individually (B2C) or in a Suite mode (B2B)

The fact that we commercialize them individually helps us to have a direct contact with end user‘s and collect their feedback to constantly improve our products. 

That’s why we can offer to big enterprises real environement tested solutions. 


  • Structured data of construction works
  • Automatic calculation of property dimensions
  • Automatic estimates with quantities and construction work’s break down 


  • Born in 2018 it is our estimating online software and sales tools for pros: Customizable estimate’s generator, subcontracts, invoicing, rendering, comprehensive shopping cart, ecommerce connectors
  • A DIY home renovation software for home owners: installations prices, find products, comprehensive shopping cart, ecommerce connectors.
  • A management tool that helps pros and home owners to minimize misunderstandings


  • Born in 2012, our former solution: 
  • Residential construction and home renovation pros’ Marketplace: Online instant estimation, leads qualification, pro’s rating, pro’s images projects. 
  • Commercialized as own brand and white label for distributors and suppliers. 
  • Connected to STIMAT

El Blog (only spanish)

Digital traceability

Our solutions offer specific solutions for each stakeholder of a home renovation / residential construction during each moment: planning, decision, management and material’s purchase. 

As they’re connected, we can offer digital traceability through all distribution channel from prescription during inspiration phase (Blog), planning (MARKETPLACE) or estimating and material’s purchase (STIMAT). 



Plan Reforma was founded in 2012 to simplify the home renovacion planning process and to help to digitalize and make more efficient residential construction works. 

Founded by a female architect in the mediterranena city of Barcelona, Spain, Plan Reforma works everyday to leader the digital transformation of this industry.

Our numbers

Since 2021 we have 10MM € of construction works data in Spain. We are a community of more that 25.000 pros: home renovation, small contractors, interiorists and architects.

More than 850.000 pageviews per month; inbound marketing connected to our solutions so that our big customers know their prescriptions’ ROI in real time. 

150% of growth this last year, demonstrates that what we do has more sense than ever. 

Let’s be realistic, let’s do the impossible together. 


Laura ´Núñez is a famale architect and founder and CEO of Plan Reforma. She often writes about construction digital transformation in spanish. 


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